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this site shows the range of music and sound art projects that I have been involved in and gives news of things coming up soon. I hope you enjoy exploring it, and if you want to get in touch, the email address is andi (at sign) music (dot) freakout (dot) biz.

News, June 2012

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I will be doing a walk through Lancashire and West Yorkshire in the second half of June. alternatively, you could say I am doing a small tour of the electronics/field recording/movement performance I made last year. the gear is light enough that I can carry it (if someone else provides the mics, stands and PA!). here is the itinerary:

At Play 4, South Hill Park, Bracknell

I took part in this exhibition by performing at the private view on 20 April. I think it went okay and every one liked the balloons ... I will have some links to photos and video in a bit.

thanks for your interest.